Rabbi Andy Fonseca

Rabbi Andy Fonseca

Ordained in 2006 in London by Rabbi Yvan Reznik, ZTz “L, Rabbi Andy Fonseca comes from a rabbinical family that goes back five centuries and is descendant of Rabbi Isaac Aboab da Fonseca, ZTz “L (1605-1693) the first Rabbi of the Americas, founder of the New World’s first synagogue, the  Synagogue Kahal Zur Israel. Since 2011 is the Av Beth Din (Rabbinical Court Judge) of the United Beth Beth Din.

Rabbi Andy Fonseca has a strong historical connection with the Jewish people and had dozens of ancestors killed in the extermination camps of Sobibor and Auschwitz during World War II. Rabbi Andy is also a writer and member of Latin American Jewish Studies Association,  Texas University.

As an well-known authority in the process of conversion (giyur), Rav. Fonseca conducts the first online program designed to assist candidates either returning or converting to judaism.