Welcome to the United Beth Din

Welcome to the United Beth Din, an Modern Orthodox Rabbinical Court serving both affiliated and unaffiliated jews worldwide, combining a commitment to Jewish tradition and to the best of the values of a contemporany society. United Beth Din is guided by the Halakha (Jewish law) and an open and pluralistic approach to modern scholarship.

The United Beth Din sponsors the Modern Orthodox Union, the umbrella organization for Modern Rabbis, Cantors and synagogues worldwide.

Modern Orthodox Union

United Beth Din has been incorporated in London, United Kingdom in 2013 as a private entity registered under No. 08448123 and is an autonomous organization, headed by an independent board of Rabbis from different backgrounds in order to achieve a democratic, tolerant, inclusive and egalitarian approach in its decisions.

As an Ecclesiastical Court, the service provided by the United Beth Din does not seek to replace the state’s civil courts.